Spoken Word

This is a bit of a different blog than what I would normally post, but I thought I would share a spoken word poem that I wrote in September. The blog was originally written for a class assignment, but then I edited it a little and performed it at a spoken word contest at school. So, here goes nothing. Hope you all enjoy!

Diabetes is

Diabetes is

an executioner gone rouge fighting and killing everything in its sight.

Leaving a pulsing and useless pancreas in its place.

Diabetes is

Blood pouring from your fingertips to machines that take and take the thing that makes you unique

Its watching your body stumble to the kitchen, grasping for food so you don’t faint.

Diabetes is,

Your kryptonite Always lurking in the back of your mind.

It’s the echoes of childish jokes, As the children at birthday parties scream ‘that cake will give you diabetus’

Diabetes is,

Your mother crying in pain every time you give yourself a shot

It’s the despair in your father’s voice as he tells you “I wish it was me”

It’s the defensiveness in your stance, as the girl next to you calls you a druggie

Diabetes is,

An invisible disease, that mocks your existence.

It’s a constant battle between highs and lows, never finding the perfect balance.

Diabetes is,

Endless insulin shots, weilding a needle like a sword

Prepared to strike yourself at any moment.

An injection or die.

Diabetes is

Living your life in numbers, continuously counting carbs

It’s the classmate who tells you everything you’re doing wrong,

Though he has never woken up in the middle of the night Confused, dazed, and unaware of his surroundings, a hospital visit a second away

It’s the flight attendant that tells you to just exercise

The neighbor who “knows” your suffering because her cat has diabetes too.

It’s everyone who pretends to understand your pain and suffering, but hasn’t lived through it themselves.

Diabetes is,

Celebrating your diaversary, another year alive

Its finding diabuddies, who understand the midnight lows and morning highs

Its constantly watching what you eat, while simultaneously assuring others your disease has no limits

Diabetes is,

Fighting for your life while pretending to be like everyone else,

Insulin shots become your life support.

Fall prisoner to the disease,

Or fall all together.







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